Slipped into an envelope - Kraft paper design trends

Slipped into an envelope - Kraft paper design trends

Kraft paper is now a key packaging trend that can be seen across a whole range of categories and products. The beauty of Kraft Paper is that it provides instant packaging hints including environmental and organic credentials and handmade quality. It's a perfect choice! 

Several of our products are crying out for new packaging! 

We have started the renewal! The Monstera Leaf trivets, the Christmas Tree trivets, and our newest product, the Great Flow cork trivet set, are all now wrapped in a kraft paper envelope.

Leaf monstera cokr coaster in natron paper envelope

The kraft paper design is very popular these days, and although our previous cellophane packaging was environmentally friendly too, on the surface it looked like plastic. So now we can visually convey that we offer totally eco-friendly products and solutions, just in the blink of an eye!

Of course, our paper sets are all getting a new look too, and everything from our black cardboard sets to our 10-piece colourful papers are wrapped in kraft paper form now. 

But what is Kraft Paper also called Natron paper? Recycled paper?

It's mostly made from uncut recycled paper stock, but there are also mixed and woodfree versions. The advantage of kraft paper, apart from its superior strength, is that it is 100% environmentally friendly. It degrades naturally within a few weeks and decomposes in the same way as leaves falling from trees. It does not pollute the environment at all and can be recycled several times.

Christmas tree trivets in natron envelope kraft paper design packaging

What is the different between Kraft Paper and Natron paper?

At Kraft paper the raw material is pure pulp. Unlike Mixed Natron Paper, where the raw material is pure pulp and varying proportions of recovered paper, cardboard clippings etc. Natron Kraft Paper offers stronger technical parameters like breaking strength, elongation etc. and is altogether more robust and tear-resistant than mixed Natron Paper. Hence, it is most commonly used in large wrapping paper sizes for the secure packaging and transport of fragile goods. 
Although, due to its quota of recovered paper mixed soda paper is the more eco-friendly option.

Flow cork coaster set natron envelope packaging kraft paper design

Kraft paper, Natron paper - be eco-friendly

Nowadays, packaging materials made from kraft paper are increasingly used by those who care about using environmentally friendly materials. 

As well as helping brands communicate it’s also highly practical due to its versatility, high tear resistance and recyclability.

The fine material protects products from breakage and prevents them from scratching. In our case, it is also the perfect choice for packaging cork coasters and beautiful paper products that are delicate to transport.

Checkout our cork trivet sets wrapped in this nice natron envelopes!


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