The cutest cork coasters completely revamped!

The cutest cork coasters completely revamped!

Cutes, Puppies and Meaow cork coasters have been completely revamped! The perfect gifts have a brand new eco-friendly design packaging, a real gift box made of recycled paper. We have so many news for the new year!

The start of the year is always about new plans, new resolutions and new habits. We've made plans too, we're looking forward to this year!

Revamped cork coasters

Cutes, Puppies have been completely revamped! New larger products, 10 cm diameter, 0,7 cm thickness and nice rounded edges, as well as prints made with silk-screnn printing technique, which represent a much higher quality. Our Meaow kitten product is similarly larger and printed using a new technique, although the thickness and edges of this product have not changed.

New design packaging gift box

The new products deserve a new robe! This is how the packaging for the new sizes was created, a real gift box made of recycled paper. It consists of two parts, top and bottom, which fit together very delicately. On the top box you can see the whole family, so all 6 cute figures of this particular 6 character cork coaster set. In the case of the cutes, it's the llama, panda, bear, kitten, bunny and sloth, and in the case of the dogs, it's all 6 different dogs, as well as the faces of the sleepy, grumpy, smiling, etc kittens. The gift box inside with the set of 6 is sealed with a very nice pull-down thicker quality eco-friendly ribbon in keeping with the previous image.

Of course, the A4 leaflet that accompanies the set and the paper ribbon for the set itself are still made from recycled paper. Visit our already renewed Cutes cork coaster set


Recycled paper bubble envelope for shipping

Previously, orders were delivered in FSC cardboard envelopes, but from now on each small order will be sent in a recycled paper bubble envelope. We will continue to choose CO2-free, electric vehicle delivery where this option is available.

SUMO recycled paper shipping air bag eco-friendly packaging

Monthly new products in 2022

Over the next few weeks all of our products will be receiving the new packaging, we will try to update all platforms with photos on the product data pages. As well as brand new products coming this year, month on month steadily.

Brand new home decor products will be available soon. As well as our creative hobby kits being revamped, new skill building cork products will also be available.

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