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Magic Cork - Shaping our imagined environmentally conscious future in the present.

Cork is the most wonderful material nowadays! Shortly: is a natural, renewable and recyclable, biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

Previously you thought that wooden toys, wooden kitchen accessories and paper products were really natural and environmentally friendly because they were not made of plastic. What a lie we're starting to see today. The key to sustainable development is to protect trees, which not only provide us with oxygen, but also help maintain the climate on the planet in which we, the human race, and most animals and our food are viable.

Therefore, we not only made sure that our products were labeled with the FSC mark that they were cut from the right trees, but that the aim was not to cut new trees. Our products are packed in 90% recycled paper. Our creative kits have a colorful paper set of 100% recycled paper. And here's the cork.

A fantastic material that is the bark of a cork tree. This tree collects the carbon dioxide of the air in its bark for 200 years, during which time the bark can be harvested and grown 16 times.

Cork harvesting source pinterest
Cork harvesting -

The cork itself is the detached bark of the cork tree. This material is 100% recyclable while making almost any wood product. It is no coincidence that they are in high fashion, many people use them as textiles (although they do contain plastic for touch effect). Others began collecting and recycling and reusing corks of wine bottles. Big cosmetic brands are switching from plastic to cork jars. Why can't we do that too? Why not make the 21st Century's greatest creative skill toys and creative hobby kits out of cork? Why do not you replace your kitchen and home decor wood products with cork?

We at PepMelon working on this. Shaping our imagined environmentally conscious future in the present.

Designing and manufacturing high quality useful design products and development toys.

Cork Production PepMelon
Cork Production at PepMelon

And if that's not convinced, here are the key features of cork:

  • Light - Over 50% of its volume is air, which makes it very light
  • Impermeable to liquids and gases - Suberin and ceroids contained in the cork cell walls makes it practically impermeable to liquids and gases. Its resistance to moisture enables it to age without deteriorating.
  • Hypoallergenic - Because cork does not absorb dust, it helps protect against allergies and does not pose a risk to asthma sufferers.
  • Fire redundant - It burns without a flame and does not emit toxic gases during combustion. It does not absorb dust and is fire resistant in its natural state. It is also installed in many places to control forest fires.
  • Highly abrasion resistant - Cork is extremely resistant to abrasion and has a high friction coefficient. Thanks to its honeycomb structure, its resistance to impact or friction is greater than other hard surfaces.

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