Cute cat faces in the Barbara Box

Cute cat faces in the Barbara Box

The cute Meaow cat coasters were placed in the Barbabara Box 2022/23 Winter edition. The beauty box for women who are in the middle of life.
Discover 8-10 trends in the areas of beauty, food & lifestyle every 2 months with the BARBARA BOX. Look forward to a great compilation on varied topics and an edition of BARBARA magazine.

Let it snow - Barbara Box

The crunch of snow under our feet, the smell of freshly baked cookies, the cozy light of the candles – all thoughts that fill the heart with warmth. Hach, winter is back – for many the most magical of all seasons. Not only because of the magic that it brings with it, but also because the cosiness moves back home. Lean back and let yourself be won by the new BARBARA BOX under the motto "Let it snow" really pamper yourself.

Barabara Box let it snow winter 2023 cat coaster

Kitten moods with cute cork coasters

5,000 coasters were donated to Barbara Box to promote our product to a wider audience. The Barbara Box team chose the kitten coaster, so as a surprise, we put 1 to 1 kitten in the box in different moods, from sleepy to angry to smiling. 

Barbara Box gift box kitten cork coaster cute cat face

Cozy winter home with a cup of tea or hot chocolate

In addition to perfume and porridge, the winter edition of the beauty box also includes a vitamin shot and a Vaseline lip balm in preparation for the winter chill. Our kitten cork coaster is a cute addition to a cosy atmosphere with a cup of tea or a mug of hot chocolate. 

Barbara Box Let it snow - beauty box gift for woman

Get your winter box!

You can still order the Let it snow Barbara Box without a subscription! And if you like the kitty coaster, you can add on a whole set using the coupon code on the back, so every member of the family will have a cute kitty coaster at home. 

Visit the Meaow Cat coaster product page

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