Exploratology Box May for book lovers Meaow cork coaster sets

May Surprise Box 2021 We love it - Exploratology Appearance

Once again we come with big news, as French Exploratology has chosen PepMelon Meaow cork coasters for their May surprise box, among a host of great and eco-friendly products.

These on-trend boxes are becoming increasingly popular, and you can get them monthly after signing up for a fraction of the original price of the products. So you can try and discover new products you wouldn't otherwise come across. Exploratology specialises in boxes for book lovers, so in addition to one or two books a month, Exploratology also surprises its subscribers with some of the accessories they need for a pleasant read.

May 2021 boxes - In the spirit of nature

Who wouldn't love to receive such an exclusive gift! A truly tasteful package, it would be a treat for anyone who loves books with exciting adventures and wants to be prepared to delve into a new story. With the arrival of spring, the contents of a box like this are perfect for an outdoor afternoon in the park or to set off on a beautiful summer's day. This spring box also contains enough ingredients for a couple's picnic. All you need is a sandwich and maybe a glass of wine, as the rest is provided by Exploratology's May box.

Exploratology Box May for book lovers Meaow cork coaster sets
Exploratology Box May for book lovers Meaow cork coaster sets

If your partner is a book lover and loves romance, don't miss this great gift set. What's for sure is that it will be a hit. As every woman and even men will be happy to receive this box full of surprises. Its valuable and cheerful contents will contribute to a wonderful day at the beach, which will also be an unforgettable experience. The perfect complement to a fun and peaceful getaway.

Surprises in a box

French Exploratology's discovery boxes are designed for reading friends or bookworms. Available in 2 different versions, each containing a different book each month. May's creative product is our Meaow cork coaster set, which contains 2 kitten cork coasters. If you would like to expand your set, you can purchase them on our site.

The joy of reading box
The joy of reading box

What Exploratology says about Meaow cork coasters

"A very cute designer product that comes from Germany, from a brand that has completely rethought its products to minimize its impact on the environment. A coaster whose shape and design made us absolutely fall in love with it!"

MEaow cork coaster set cute cats, kitten

Great cat lovers gift idea – Meaow kitten Coasters

Those of us who love cats know very well that our pets are extreme cute creatures. They are often playful, lovable or even grumpy.

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PepMelon - Protecting the environment

At PepMelon, we are passionate about protecting the environment. Which is why we use specifically recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly materials for our products and packaging. That's why cork is the perfect solution, as we don't need to cut down trees as we use the bark of cork oak, which re-grows every 16 years, the average cork oak's lifespan being 200 years.

A few words about Meaow's cute cork coaster

These cuties will be a great little addition to your home. Contributing to a good mood to start the day off right with your morning coffee or tea. You can also decorate your kitchen with them by placing them in a prominent place. As this playful kitten design is sure to brighten up the mood.

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