Surprise Box for flood victims in Germany

Surprise Box for flood victims in Germany!

We are delighted to be part of Melanie's initiative, who has put together a Surprise Box on Porzellanflair, with all proceeds going to flood victims in Germany. She has contacted several brands, including us, to see if we could donate to the contents of the package. Of course we said yes!

As did brands @eulenschnitt & @hutch&putch too. So you can expect to see 1-1 product from each of us in the surprise boxes.

There are 3 Surprise Package types:

  • just for you - 10 €
  • for your baby - 15 €
  • for you and your baby - €25

Although the target is only €250, we believe we can raise much more than that! The link below shows the payment for each package purchased in the donation account:

The amount raised will be given to one or more families.

Surprise yourselves! Purchase the Surprise Box to help flood victims start again!

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