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Black Paper Set - Extreme and Exclusive Experience in One

The long awaited summer has finally arrived and with it the wedding season.

The most beautiful and greatest joy in the lives of most young couples who decide to get married is an outdoor wedding. Those who dream of such a wedding have a lot of options in terms of venues, as they can choose from many beautiful ones, such as beach, lakeside, forest, boat, garden, etc.

But for an outdoor wedding, it's not enough just to choose the venue. It is just as important to choose the theme and decorations.

Name card, table card, black paper with chalkboard marker, wedding card, home decor
Name card, table card, black paper with chalkboard marker, wedding card, home decor

Wedding decorations

But let's move on to the decorations. It is recommended that you decide beforehand whether you want a traditional, extreme, bohemian, etc. style wedding and design and assemble your decorations and props accordingly.

If you are looking for a truly exclusive and extreme wedding, the PepMelon Black Paper Set is the perfect complement to this, and can be used as a seating card, menu card or even as a thank you card with small surprise gifts. The only limit is your imagination as to what you can use it for :) It can be a stylish decorative ornament, giving a unique look to your festive table.

This high quality, eco-friendly paper looks great on a decorated festive table and can be used to create a really extreme and exclusive atmosphere. It's a good choice if you write on it with a white pen or chalk.

Thank you card, black paper card PepMelon
Thank you card, black paper card PepMelon

About the Black Paper Set

The black paper set is available in 230 gsm. Perfect for graphic designers, for creating white drawings, used as sketchbooks. As craft paper it's great for stylish wedding cards, personalised letters, homemade cards or countless craft projects. Make an unforgettable gift with each sheet. Use our paper for your personalized craft ideas. Ideal for presentations, posters, greeting cards, as well as painting, writing, printing and a few other craft activities.


Environmentally friendly quality thin and thick paper:

  • Eco-label
  • FSC certified paper
  • OBA-free
  • EN71-3 toy safety
  • ECF reinforcement
  • Free of heavy metals
The perfect choice if you are environmentally conscious.

Handmade quality

All our paper stocks are hand-picked. We design the concept and create the packaging design, which we then carefully assemble ourselves. We always take care of hygiene during the production process, so we work in gloves and hair nets, so we can send you clean, hygienic and high quality products.

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