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Love dogs?? - Cute Puppies in Der Hund magazine

Wow✨! We have great news! Der Hund magazine is featuring the new Puppies Cute Dogs Cork Coasters!

We at PepMelon are very proud that one of our great products, Puppies Cork Coasters, has been voted by the german Der Hund magazine and has received a really complimentary review.

We would now like to introduce you to this great and practical coaster, which should not be missing in any pet lovers home!

Puppies in DerHund Magazine - Cute Dogs Cork Coaster

These 6 adorable puppies will make a great addition to your dining room, but they're also sure to catch everyone's eye. Our pets will love them too. They'll also be a great surprise for dog lovers.

For those who love tea, coffee and cuteness, we can create a great atmosphere with six different doggies that can be varied to your liking.

"What would you prefer to see? Water stains and rings on tables or other storage surfaces... Or do you prefer cute puppies? Of course, our sweet cork pets who heroically throw themselves between the glass and the table!" is how Der Hund magazine describes Puppies.

But not only them, we also love this new Puppies cork coaster. Our pets will love it too. And we are very proud that Puppies has been featured in Der Hund magazine.

These cute doggy cheeks are a great addition to a busy day. You can even take them with you wherever you go, like on a hike, picnic, or even to work. It's a great way to enjoy your favourite drinks while smiling at your favourite people.

With love from us to you

The new Puppies cork coaster set is a super surprise for dog lovers, everyone will be surprised when they see it, it's so unique and funny. Plus it's totally eco-friendly. Thanks to its cork material it is lightweight and perfect for everyday use. You can also take it with you on trips and excursions. Or even take it to work, where it'll fit in just as well. You'll have a much better day whenever you look at one of these little heads.

Design & Puppies - New Puppies cute cork coasters

A whole bunch of cuteness on eco-friendly Puppies cork coasters. Our uniquely designed set of cork coasters not only represent modern design, but are also completely eco-friendly.

Fun dogs, perfect gifts for kids too! These cute dogs are waiting for you in the Puppies set: a Bernathiel/Labrador Retriever, a Husky, a Foxhound, a Spaniel, a Bulldog/Pug and a Vizsla. You can even colour them in with a marker pen to make your chosen favourite dog completely unique. So exciting!

Puppies cork coaster set, cute dogs dog lovers eco-friendly gift
Puppies cork coaster set, cute dogs dog lovers eco-friendly gift

Handmade quality

Our cork coasters are made in Germany. A modern cork coaster, this high quality design kitchen accessory is the perfect eco-friendly gift idea for parents and families, or even your best friend. Coasters protect furniture from pesky water stains, nasty scratches, wine and other beverage marks. Coasters are available from us at PepMelon, as are many other cork design products, made in Germany from carefully recycled, eco-friendly materials, using Portuguese cork. These handmade products are designed at PepMelon to meet your every need. We use machines to cut out the main shapes and help you print your design on the cork material. But during our piece-by-piece quality control, we sand and finish them by hand. They are nine centimetres in diameter and 0.6 centimetres thick.

Puppies - Cute dog cork coasters - environmentally friendly

Cork is a natural, renewable and recyclable material, biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

And even more! Cork is hypoallergenic, it's also very lightweight and no wood has to be cut down to make the products. Read more about why cork is so good!


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