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Travelling to the beach: Explore The Waves Of The Salty Box!

Want to hear the sea roar again? Feel the coastal breeze on your face and your feet sinking into the wet sand? Maybe you haven't yet had the chance travelling to the beach, your favourite place during the pandemic, or to make a new and exciting discovery on an unknown seaside. Or is the time just right and you've already booked your holiday this year?
Either way, the Salty Box brings all the pleasant calm vibes of the sea and the dream of the blue lagoon ocean into your home!

The team at @livingbythewaves is honouring beautiful and confidential brands, as inspiring as they are talented. For this limited edition, they invite you to travel and dream endlessly of blue lagoon ocean. 7 carefully selected partners join this edition for a product value of +80€. Get your EVASIONS SALEES Salty Box!

Living by the Waves based in France, and the team are proud to be joined the French network of family-owned companies in various sectors (Caudalie cosmetics, Léa Nature and Triballat bio-food brands with Vrai, …), and thus to donate 1% of their total turnover to local associations. So if you purchase a Salty Box, you also give to the Planet!

Travelling to the beach during the pandemic maybe just a dream...

...but this box can be a big surprise for your loved one, who has this dream! Make it happen!

In this Salty Box edition you will also find our Flow cork coaster! We are so happy to be part of this project with the Living by the Waves brand! It has brought positive, relaxing vibes into PepMelon's life, bringing back memories of our own seaside holidays from Spain and the Canary Islands, Thailand, Malta, Croatia, also the cold ones like from Germany and the Netherlands, as we continue to work on our products with a smile on our faces. We also love not just the ocean but nature, therefore we use cork material for our products. You can read more about the magic cork in this article!

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