Craft Kit for kids Christmas gift

My God, 1 week left for the best Christmas gift ideas!

Here is our best sellers, the greatest Christmas gift ideas for kids, moms, grandparents, husbands, families, friends and colleagues.

Of course, the value of the gift is not important and is not mandatory. But anyone who has given it once knows how good it feels to surprise someone, especially if they don’t expect it. A little kindness, a cute thing that is also practical is a perfect Christmas gift idea. You will find such products at us!

Eco-friendly, everyday use, creative, beautiful, elegant design and cute products from cork, coasters and creative hobby sets.

Let’s see which might be the best Christmas gift idea!

The Creative Hobby Kit for Kids is definitely an awesome Christmas gift idea!

It develops the skills of children, it includes worksheets and guides from the age of 5-6 up to the age of 12. More difficult tasks can be done together with parents, older siblings, cousins ​​during family reunions during Christmas. Crafts play a very important role not only in the development of fine motor skills, but also in the solution-oriented thinkings, imagination and then realization. At the same time, joint activities and division of tasks also help to develop social skills.

Isn't it so wonderful when the kids create something together? They play together, design, color, cut and glue. They spend time together, which later evokes beautiful memories. The Adventure craft kit is designed for this experience. Dozens of exciting ideas and guides and worksheets are in one box with everything you could just need. You can learn more about the skills development here!

Craft Kit for kids Christmas gift
Craft Kit for kids Christmas gift

We consider it an important goal to make children's toys and creative hobby sets environmentally friendly, do not include plastic packaging and toys and other items. At us, PepMelon, each creative set contains cork elements and is made from paper (FSC certified or recycled paper) as raw materials. The required plastic packaging has been replaced with cellophane, which is not covered with a layer of plastic, so it can be disposed of in bio-waste.

You can't give a smarter, more environmentally friendly, skill-building game as a gift for Christmas! All boxes are assembled by hand, carefully checked so that we can give high quality products by filtering out possible defects!

Cute and practical Christmas Gift ideas - cork coaster sets

But it’s also worth mentioning our very cute and practical cork coasters. The Cutes animal motives cork coaster set is a great gift idea regardless of age and gender! Wonderful fun moments are also available for families with small children.

Cutes Christmas animals gift idea cork coasters
Cutes Christmas animals gift idea cork coasters

Our FLOW product is the elegant but close-to-nature solution for men and entrepreneurs alike as well! Also a nice idea for the new year, get a great flow, let's give the best energy to them!

Remember our Christmas custom edition products like the Christmas tree shaped trivet set, dish coaster, which couldn’t be a more elegant Christmas gift when we get to visit our loved ones.

Choose to you like! Remember, you can order for another 1 week in the hope that the gift will reach the recipient by December 24th!

Of course, we will also make the unique message card, just write us what to put on it! So even if you can’t meet in person this year, kindness won’t be left out! Just enter the gift address as a shipping address! Also follow us on Instagram to get notified about the new Products in 2021!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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