Donation for cat rescue with Meaow Cat Coasters

Donation for cat rescue with Meaow Cat Coasters

Jenny contacted us from a cat rescue club, where they try to raise money with auctions, and finding donations for those auctions. So we said yes again, as we love animals, and love to help them a way we can! We have offered 3 Meaow Cat coaster set for the cause!

So, take part in the auction in this Facebook group:

And read about Jenny and the Club, what they could reached already with the help of the donations and auctions. 

We are the Katzenfreunde Königslutter from Lower Saxony. We have been around for 13 years. It all started with a large cat population in the neighbourhood, where help was desperately needed. That's how we got our first "cat house".
In the meantime, we have four cat houses and four permanent foster homes, as well as several emergency foster homes. Our cat houses are converted garden houses with outdoor enclosures.

Most of the cats we take in are abandoned and/or sick animals, as well as feral pregnant cats who can raise their kittens in peace with us. We place the cats in a nice home when they are healthy again and have built up trust with humans.
Of course, we also carry out neutering campaigns and have feeding stations for free-roaming cats.

We all work on a completely voluntary basis and receive no public support, so we only have to finance ourselves through donations, placement fees and membership fees, which is not always easy.

In 2021, 209 cats were placed and 137 cats were neutered. Especially the neutering and other vet costs, as well as medication, make up a large part of the costs and are continuously increasing. In 2021 we had pure veterinary costs of around 45,000 euros - food, litter, electricity, rubbish etc. are of course on top of that.

In the meantime, the cat houses are actually full all the time and we have always housed around 60 cats on average. As soon as the cats are placed, the next ones are waiting in the queue to be taken in.


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